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Skokie's Leader in Pressure Washing Services

Skokie pressure washing

Locals are making the smart call to BTR Wash Pros when they need Skokie pressure washing. Not all power washers deliver the same level of clean, and you should never settle when it comes to the work you receive for your home or commercial property.

What the average consumer isn't aware of is that there's no cut-and-dried approach to getting pressure washing. Too many Skokie area companies treat all exterior surfaces as one and the same, and that leads to damages.

There's not much point in arranging and paying for power washing services that are going to damage your surfaces in the process. Schedule your free estimate with us now so you can feel confident you'll be getting safe but effective exterior cleaning.

Concrete Cleaning at its Best

Among the wide variety of surfaces we clean, concrete is one of the most commonly requested jobs we receive. The work we do includes:

Do you know what's even more valuable than keeping the curb appeal intact?

Keeping your concrete free from slippery contaminants such as:

  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Moss
  • Other Fungal Problems

Anything that forms on the surface of areas that receive foot traffic must be eradicated. This poses a slip-and-fall hazard and could cause you to be liable for injuries or damages.

Take good care of your Skokie property by calling us for your pressure washing.

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If you need a Skokie pressure washing, call us today at 312-525-0520 or schedule your free estimate online.