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How Often Should You Pressure Washing & Other FAQs

How often pressure washing

Even the most well-meaning homeowner can make mistakes when it comes to scheduling service for home improvement and maintenance. It's not even uncommon for homeowners to miss out on including some essential services as part of the regular maintenance routine, like pressure washing.

Even those savvy consumers who recognize the value and importance of regular power washing, rarely schedule it often enough. Once you have a clearer picture of why it's so important and how much it can help, it's easier to get consistent with arranging for house washing and similar services.

It's easy to get confused and think that other services take precedence, but getting regular exterior cleaning is just as vital. Learn more about what pressure washing does for your home.

Protect & Beautify With Professional Pressure Washing

We've all seen that house; the one caked with dirt and, even worse, that thick green fungus that seems to be taking over the siding.

Maybe this house of horrors even had black streaks and moss growing on the roof like some freakish science experiment. It's one of those houses that looks like an abandoned house that is the perfect candidate for a haunted house around Halloween.

Now, imagine this house is at your address, the very place you and your loved ones call Home Sweet Home. Because the truth is that if you fail to schedule regular power washing, this is what will happen to your siding.

  • A good rule of thumb is to schedule house washing once a year. However, conditions may make it necessary for you to schedule service more frequently.
  • Factors that may cause an increase in frequency with which you need power washing are things like changes in the amount of precipitation, shade, and exposure to or lack of direct sunlight.
  • The quality of your exterior paint plays a bigger role than you realize. The better the paint quality, the less likely you'll end up with mildew growth and other problems.
  • Work with a professional pressure washer which offers soft washing too. While it's of the utmost importance to rid your roofing of algae, if it's not done carefully, it will damage your roof.
  • Even stronger materials like concrete or brick may require a gentler touch. Aging materials or the presence of crumbling mortar mean you need a safer but effective cleaning method, like no-pressure washing.

Trust the experts at BTR Wash Pros for all of your exterior cleaning needs. Make the call now and schedule your Chicago pressure washing.


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