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Make Your Windows Shine With Professional Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Chicago

BTR Wash Pros is known for our aptitude for quality work for Chicago customers, and this includes window cleaning. It's not reasonable to make claims about being pressure washing professionals without offering window cleaning, but some companies do so.

The other concern is making sure that the equipment being used is suitable for glass. This again starts with the professional you work with.

We make it a point only to use the tools and techniques that are best suited for the surfaces we're cleaning. We offer exceptional cleaning results without taking chances with the condition of your home's exterior, including the windows.

Washing Your Windows Exterior

There's professional house washing, and then there's window washing. It's never a good idea to work with a self-proclaimed industry pro who fails to treat the two as different jobs.

Using the same high-velocity stream of water for your windows as you would your siding will break your windows. What's the point of cleaning your glass if you end up breaking them in the process?

Trust us for window cleaning service, and you'll reap the rewards like:

  • Spotless
  • Streak-free
  • Shine
  • Unobstructed View
  • Cleaning for Storm or Standard Windows

We take care of both residential and commercial customers because every building deserves clean windows. You want to be able to make a good first impression and enjoy a beautiful view.

We're the team of experts that can provide that for you.

No matter how attractive your home or business is, when you have dirty windows, that's all that's going to get noticed.

Hire a Pro or DIY?

A frequent query we get is about whether homeowners need to hire a pressure washing company or if they can do the work themselves? The truth is that no job involving high-velocity water for power washing should be carried out by anyone without proper training.

  • Prior to using equipment like pressure washing machinery, you need formal training. Watching a how-to video online doesn't suffice.
  • Before anyone uses power washing equipment, you should also have experience. Learning the process through trial and error on your exterior surfaces is not the best method to use.
  • No matter what type of surface you're cleaning with pressure washing tools, you can end up causing serious personal injury.
  • Misuse of power washing machinery can also lead to property damage. In unfortunate situations, you may even cause damage to a neighboring property.

Get the job done right the first time. Call us today for window cleaning in Chicago and don't take chances with the outcome of the work.

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