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Clean And Protect Your Chicago Concrete Surfaces With Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning Chicago

The reputation we've earned at BTR Wash Pros is based on several factors relating to how we take care of Chicago area clients. Although most people think of services like house washing, pressure washing is as much about tasks like concrete cleaning.

All of your exterior surfaces need professional cleaning, and that's true for residential and commercial property. Neglect, procrastination, or ignoring the need for expert power washing is only going to make things worse. The longer you put it off, the worse the conditions get.

What starts as a cosmetic problem very quickly develops into a structural one. Ugly mold becomes rot, and that your curb appeal and structural integrity are compromised.

Sidewalk Cleaning

You can't think about concrete cleaning without thinking about sidewalk cleaning. Your walkways should look attractive but, most importantly, need to be safe for foot traffic.

Fail to schedule regular cleaning for your sidewalks, and it could have disastrous consequences. The last thing that you want is to be liable for a slip-and-fall incident outside your home or business.

We'll meet with you for a free consultation and help you get on track with a cleaning routine that's beneficial for you. Environmental factors impact how often you need a cleaning service, and we're here to make sure your individual needs are satisfied.

Driveway Cleaning

What a disappointment to finally have the home of your dreams and then let it look a mess. We're not even talking about the whole exterior.

The appearance of your home is only as visually appealing as the weakest link. If you have a driveway stained with oil, grease, and algae, that's your home's focal point.

Why waste the expense to have stunning landscaping when your dirty driveway is going to steal the spotlight? Trust us to keep your drive looking as beautiful as the rest of your home once we take care of your concrete cleaning.

Paver Cleaning

Genuine pressure washing experts will tell you that if you have pavers, you'll need regular cleaning. Consider paver cleaning part of the ongoing maintenance requirements for the outside of your home.

Pavers are useful for constructing features like walkways or patio floors. However, they can only continue to do their job if they're taken care of, including cleaning.

Keep them clean for the curb appeal, but also to keep problems from developing, like weeds growing between the joints. Invest in regular care, and you'll get longevity and peak performance from your pavers.

Patio Cleaning

Outdoor living spaces have become so common they're now expected when it comes to home shopping. You'll get years of enjoyment from your patio, as long as you know the value of proper upkeep.

This includes arranging to have scheduled patio cleaning as part of your maintenance regimen. Not only does this enhance the visual aesthetics, but it also makes the surface safer for foot traffic.

Otherwise, slippery contaminants like algae and mold will develop and make your patio a hazard.

Get in touch with the concrete cleaning pros in Chicago today, by calling the BTR Wash Pros team.

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