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Protect The Exterior Of Your Home With Soft Washing

Soft Washing Chicago

One of the most popular reasons local Chicago area customers prefer the BTR Wash Pros team is that we can take care of a variety of exterior cleaning tasks. Plenty of companies offer pressure washing, but not all of them bother to offer soft washing.

It's crucial to have a safe and effective alternative to standard power washing. Not all of your exterior surfaces are built to handle the harsh PSI of the high-velocity water used for traditional pressure washing.

So, why should you trust a so-called expert who's willing to use the same cleaning technique they'd use for your driveway on something as fragile as your asphalt shingles? Get professional roof cleaning or soft washing for the features of your home that need it.

Low-Pressure Washing

Pressure washing specialists should actually be able to offer their customers more than one type of approach for exterior cleaning. Not all of your exterior surfaces are the same, so does it make any sense to clean them all in the same manner?

That's why BTR Wash Pros offer power washing, soft washing, and something in between - low-pressure washing. Although it can be used in most of the same situations that no-pressure washing is suitable for, there is technically one difference, and that's that some water pressure is applied.

Some of the best scenarios for low-pressure washing include:

  • Tough Stains on Softwoods or Stucco
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aging Brick
  • Concrete With Crumbling Mortar
  • Gutters

In many of these situations, no-pressure or soft washing would also work. However, they're all examples of areas where standard pressure washing would be too extreme.

Why You Need BTR Wash Pros for Your Power Washing

As a home or business owner, the way to ensure that you stay current with all of your maintenance needs is to hire experts to help. Otherwise, it means settling for inferior work or not doing the tasks you need to be done at all.

Owning property is an ongoing work in progress. The good news is that the better you are about maintaining a routine, and the better the pros are that you hire to do the work, the fewer repairs and replacement you'll need.

Think of it as getting proactive about preventative maintenance for the betterment of your investment, because that's precisely what it is. Your exterior will be the envy of your neighbors and compliment your stunning landscaping. Contact us now and get on board with soft washing for your Chicago home or business.

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